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Pandaria Welcomes You - Wowrotica [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Pandaria Welcomes You [Jan. 22nd, 2013|04:16 pm]


Been a while since I've seen anything posted here so I figured I'd give it a hand. Some months ago I created a story introducing my orc shaman Torrg to my pandaren Monk Haohan. Their introduction isn't adult rated so I didn't think I should post it here but this sequel that directly follows is ahem... enlightening.

As usual it's M/M stuff so if you're not a fan then this isn't for you. The rest of you I hope you all enjoy!

If you'd like to read the previous story it's right over here - http://wowyaoi.livejournal.com/50798.html if you're not a member and don't want to join, I have them in separate small pieces on my own journal (Jadefang Part One, Two and 3)

The sun was about halfway to its noon-hour point as Torrg watched Haohan; the Pandaren monk who had saved him and his son only a few days prior gazed curiously through a small magnifying lens at a sharp red gem. After several minutes he pulled out a small box and opened it, withdrawing small cutting instruments and an elastic band, which he then attached to his lens and pulled over his head. As Haohan made his intricate cuts, there was the smallest flow of dust that came from the bottom of the gem and glistened across his paw before he shook it away. He blew sharply into the tiny cut and his eyeball turned to Torrg.

“Have you never seen a Pandaren, Torrg?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. “I know those who live here are slightly different, but they're not much different than the ones who landed in Orgrimmar from the Wandering Isle.” He ran a thumb along the cut and leaned in again to scratch at the layer he was cutting.

Torrg blinked, he had just realized he'd spent the better part of an hour just watching the black and white warrior without saying a word. “I'm-I'm sorry, Haohan. I haven't had much experience with your kind. You intrigue me—err.. your race intrigues me.”

“Oh?” Haohan lifted his head from his work and looked at the orc who was sitting back on his hands. “Howso?”

Torrg stammered a bit and glanced around, they had gone to the Tian Monastery where Nog'ran asked to stay and train for a while. They had only departed two days prior and the comfort level Torrg maintained steadily declined as the maintained company with Haohan. The more he watched Haohan's movements, the way he walked and how he talked so reverently, so intelligently, it began to rouse old feelings from the orc, feelings he'd buried after Growl's departure. It might have just been the heat, Torrg may have been approaching sixty years old, but he still had the libido of a twenty-year-old. He rubbed the back of his neck, churning an answer out in his mind. “Well, you are warriors and proud, but I've never seen fighters with your particular... appetite...”

“Oh? Does my roundness make you uncomfortable, Torrg?”

“N-no, not at all.” Torrg shook his head, perhaps too thoroughly as he almost fell over from how quickly he did it. “It's just hard to believe the moves you can pull off like that, how did you learn such speed and flexibility with such a diet?”

Haohan smirked as he reseated the box, then the gem into his satchel. “Have you never heard the phrase never to judge a book by its cover? Never to judge a scroll by the color of it's ink? Just because someone looks out of shape...” He rolled backwards from his seated position and caught himself with the palm of his hand, lifting himself into the air before dropping to his feet. “Does not mean they actually are.” He kicked his leg up and caught it, he held it high for a few seconds before slowly falling into a split-legged pose on the ground. “Flexibility is only one of our training skills; did you know, Torrg that I had to sit like this for eight days, having a day of rest before going right back into it until I could do it so easily?” He chuckled before hopping back up to his feet. “It was not easy, but soon I learned the secret of being able to perform feats like this was not to fight the pain from them, but to... envelop them.”

“Let me say that my orbs now feel much smaller just by watching you do that...” Torrg answered in awe, earning a chuckle from the monk. “At my age, that would probably not be something I could do.”

“At your age, Torrg, I say that nothing is impossible.”

Torrg smiled a bit and nodded.

The pair journeyed into the Jade Forest, headed south along the path south of the Hozen village, it was still a few hours' journey to the edge of the Valley of Four Winds, where Torrg's destination lay at Half Hill Market, and it wasn't long before the clouds that began to overtake the sun finally blotted it out, sending a heavy downpour onto the two travelers. After a few miles of no relief, Haohan spotted a cave and the pair slipped inside, making sure for themselves that no one else had taken shelter from the storm.

“Brrr...” Torrg shivered, rubbing his shoulders. “Is this normal for the Jade Forest?”

“Yep.” Haohan answered. “I have been here a couple of years, the humidity that permeates the forest comes from these occasional thunder storms.” As he said that there was the rumble of thunder that filled the sky. He began to unfasten the buttons of his vest. “Come, I will make us a fire.”

“Out of what?” Torrg asked, seating himself. “The wood outside is completely soaked by now.” There was a rustle of wood in the back of the cave where Haohan had momentarily disappeared, he emerged with a handful of sticks.

“Caves are often a good place to store wood in the height of summer, Torrg.” Haohan said. “Just for occasions such as this. Their supplies are a little low here, but I'm sure this will help us dry our clothes and sleep tonight. He slid his vest off his shoulders, which fell wetly on the ground.

“Wha-what are you doing?” Torrg asked, prompting a look from the bear who had knelt down to place the wood in the center of a small ring of stone in the middle of the cave.

“We'll catch our death of cold laying around in slapping soggy clothes, Torrg.” He responded calmly. “We're both adults, off with your coverings.”

Torrg pursed his lips to object, but realized from the chill that Haohan was right, he removed his gloves, and pulled the clips apart that kept his chest guard on before lifting it over his head, Torrg's long hair fell over his face and he pulled it away to wring it out toward the corner leading to the cave's mouth. The pair were quite the opposite in terms of appearance, Torrg was well built, somewhat square in his body shape with a large amount of muscle, even for an orc standing at six foot five he impressed with his physique. Haohan was a few inches taller than Torrg and much broader, he looked almost pear-shaped with a round gut and more formed pectorals than the orc would have imagined, though given his girth they did dip slightly as he lowered his arms to his sides. Torrg pulled his boots off one at a time, taking the chance to dump the water out into the corner as well as he did it.

“One thing that's always made me curious, Torrg.” Haohan recaptured the orc's attention instantly. “Your hair. It is much fuller and longer than I have seen on your kind. Typically it's cut short, balding or completely bald as an orc reaches his thirties.” He paused for a moment, letting the flames build up in the fire ring. “And such an odd pigmentation. I see your eyebrows and chest hair are more black than purple.”

“Good observations.” Torrg said. “Well, when I was about thirty or so, I went to one of the undead chemists in the Undercity. He'd promised to rejuvenate my hair, restore it to it's normal black rather than the whitening coal it had become. From my father, I supposed I probably would have been stark white by the time I reached thirty-five so--”

“Out of vanity you wanted to have your appearances altered.”

Torrg opened his mouth to object, but after thinking it over he shrugged his head back and forth into a nod. “I suppose it was my pride as an orc.” He said. “Anyway, something had gone wrong with his mixture, and while I got plenty of head cover to last me the rest of my days, the pigment had shifted to purple instead of black.”

“Ahh an example of the bizarre nature that fashions our lives and makes us ourselves. To this day, Torrg Rockmaul, I was destined to meet you as such. I could not imagine a more interesting orc to cross my path.” He brought his thumbs to the waist band of his pants as he stood up and paused. “Oh, I do hope you won't mind, I'd had nothing to wear beneath this.”

Torrg paused in his thoughts for a few seconds before responding. “No. It's fine.” He said.

“You may stay in what undercloth you have, Torrg if it makes you feel more comfortable. But leather and wet are never a good combination for me.” He tugged his trousers and bent to scoop them off his ankles.

Torrg couldn't quite catch a glimpse of the bear's goods, the lick of the fire was coming high in between them, but he did somewhat enjoy Haohan's round backside as he turned to lay his pants on the floor of the cave. Torrg leaned out for a moment, watching the flexible pandaren squat, his balls hanging well between his legs. He cleared his throat a bit and stood himself, unfastening his belt and unclipping his mail trousers, it had become all too stuffy inside them for some reason. As Torrg stepped from his pants he groaned a bit. “Ahh, it's gotten too deep.” He said, rousing Haohan's attention. “Erm... I mean the water, it's penetrated the layer around the mail, so it'll rust out and be ruined.”

“I can help with that when we get to Half Hill.” The monk responded, tugging to free the flesh from his orbs. “Being a Jewelcrafter has its advantages sometimes.” Haohan wasn't endowed as Torrg would have expected, but he could see that the pandaren race also wore their flesh on the outside, as it were. Not sheathed like animals, not like Growl but more like the tauren. To save the eagerness from revealing himself completely, Torrg simply seated himself on the cold stone floor of the cave, letting the strap of his underwear simply impress the bulge toward the monk who seated himself as well.

“Why wear undergarments with no back to them, Torrg? Does this serve a purpose?”

Torrg resisted his obvious response, and came up with another. “Well, it's a little less noticeable to have no back than have no front.” He answered. “I'd hate to chafe that against a layer of mail, wouldn't you?”

Haohan shuddered a bit. “Yes, I see your point.” He paused awkwardly as well, making Torrg smirk. “I—er I mean I see the point you have made, not your 'point'... that is...” He sighed and placed his head against his palm, the stuttering aspects of his black markings under his eyes matching the fur of his hand perfectly. “I really need a drink.”

“Well here, let me help you out with that.” Torrg said, pulling his backpack closer to him and pulling the flap open and lifting two small kegs from its contents. They were barely the size of a dwarf's flagon, but the symbol on them caught Haohan's eye.

“Stormstout Ale?” He asked. “Where did you manage to find this?”

A small droplet fell over Torrg's finger as he handed the monk a flask, he licked it off his finger and smiled. “Picked it up on my last trip to the valley.” He said. “Do you know if it's true that this stuff is some of the strongest in Pandaria?”

“From what I've heard it could make a dwarf cry.” Haohan said with a laugh as he pulled the cork from his bottle and downed a spout openly. He turned the bottle back over as he swallowed and let out a raspy gasp. “Oh---wow...” He said with a cough. “And here I thought I had a good stomach for it.”

Torrg pulled his cork and sniffed at it, he could smell the barley and berries within and took a swig gentler than Haohan's. The liquid burn poured across his tongue and felt like it ejected fire from his nostrils as he swallowed. Instantly there was a haze that cleared quickly as he put the mug down. “By Thrall this... is amazing.” He said with a laugh. “I haven't quite had my boots knocked off like this before.”

“That's because they're laying over there.” Haohan answered with a point, and both belted off a laugh.

The pair couldn't help it, it was the first time either of them had been able to relax all afternoon. A flash of lightning from the now-blackened sky outside made Torrg wince and look back through the opening. “How long is that expected to go on?” Torrg asked, taking another generous sip of his ale as Haohan did the same. The monk shook his head and swallowed it.

“Could go on a few hours.” He answered. “These storms supply a lot of the moisture the forest needs.” He shrugged and took another sip. “But hey, we'll just stay warm and stowed up here until it passes.”

Torrg smiled and nodded as he took another swig, seeing lights dancing in his eyes when he closed them, he wobbled a bit to the side and caught himself with his non-ale hand. “Ooh... ouch...” He said softly, feeling a sudden pain in his neck.

“Are you alright, Torrg?”

Torrg nodded a bit, handling his neck and almost losing his balance again. “I'm fine, Hao... I think I just twinged my neck a bit catching myself, I didn't realize how strong the Stormstouts made their brews.”

“It's because this is from their special reserve.” Haohan said, examining the ale. “It probably took them weeks to build up the tolerance to drink like fishes on this stuff. It's strong for me and I've got an iron gut.” He slapped his stomach with enough force to fill the room with the solid crack, he really did have a strong stomach. “But it's not good to have you hurting, when you come down from the ale you won't be pleased. Here, I can massage it out.” He said, scooting himself toward the orc, stumbling slightly himself as he made his way around the fire.

“Are you sure you know what you're doing?”

“Mooonk?” He said facetiously. “I spent almost two years learning every pressure point of the body, how to apply pressure to apply pain, or how to release it to make the pain die out. I can do this...”

“I was referring to you being drunk enough to see straight.”

“I am trained to be in a constant state of drunkeness as well, Torrg. It helps me to deflect pain until such time as I can deal with it; and right now, I am very much without pain. Roll over and I can help you.”

Torrg began to wonder if there was some alternate meaning to this, but he complied, laying almost flat on the floor, but resting his head on his arms crossed under it. A warm, tight grasp took the shaman's shoulders, and almost immediately, Torrg felt a pop that screamed pain through his whole back. He growled and tried to move, but the bear placed a single hand on the center of Torrg's back. “Be calm and trust me, Torrg. You'll be feeling quite nicely here in a few minutes.”

Torrg relaxed his arms again and laid perfectly still as Haohan's hands and claws worked at the muscle centers in his back and neck. Every now and again, Torrg felt a strong pressure, which popped and cleared before he could hiss through his teeth. The hands moved from his neck and spread along his shoulders and back, the pain seemed to travel with Haohan's fingers as he worked every muscle he could find. Torrg groaned and rested his head into his arms, feeling his ale-smelling breath warm his face as he breathed out deeply.

“Good, very good Torrg.” Haohan egged him on a bit, his hands gliding along the rugged orc skin, down past the shoulders and back up again. Torrg was in heaven, he lifted his head enough to take another slug of his ale, and listened as Haohan followed suit and did the same thing, dropping what sounded to be an empty mug on the floor as Torrg realized his own flask had been drained as well and he put it down too. Both fully under the influence of the Stormstout ale, Torrg really couldn't think if Haohan was doing this because he wanted to or because he was too far gone to tell the difference. Either way,he could feel his cock straining against the floor through his underclothing.

“Alright, turn over.” Haohan had said as his fingers pressed into the small of his back. “We might as well turn this into a full upper-body massage. He shifted his weight to allow the orc room to turn over. There was no hiding the strain in his jock this time, as Torrg turned over, he noticed Haohan kneeling very close to his shoulder line. The bear rolled his hands along Torrg's pectoral muscles, taking a moment to admire the head of his spirit wolf tattooed on his left pec. He wrapped his fingers around Torrg's side and pressed the clawtips against the skin, careful not to break it as he slid slowly downward it was then he noticed Haohan's shaft peeking upward in a semi-erection. As the monk worked on Torrg's stomach and back toward his chest, he reached the few inches needed to grab his balls and pull his lips along the shaft.

“Nnngh... T-Torrg...” Haohan whispered, feeling the sudden shift in the mindset... he moaned as the shaman's tongue wrapped around the base and he suckled it outward, instantly noticing a big difference.

“So... a grower and not a shower huh? Let's see just how much of a growth we're looking at...” Torrg thought to himself as he squeezed Hao's base, feeling it hardening in his grasp as he did so, and feeling his length growing in his throat. He heard Haohan gasp and place a hand on the orc's chest, he could feel it rolling down the length of his torso, barely grazing the top of his garments, a slip of meat already tenting and trying to escape. Torrg moaned softly, his maw full as he continued to move his lips down the monk's length from tip to base, his mouth was still deep enough to easily hold the bear as it reached a full erection, but there was quite a bit of difference between soft and hard. Haohan needed very little goading to finally lift his knee and straddle the shaman's face. Torrg didn't feel a massive heft on him, Haohan's larger body pressed against him though even with the monk holding his weight up, his round butt hovering over Torrg's head as he shifted his grip and suckled the hanging orbs one at a time, feeling their heft for the first time; he could tell the bear was quite pent up from the steady stream of sweet and sour liquid pouring down his tongue.

Haohan smirked and looked back at Torrg for a moment before peeling back the strap around his waist. He slipped his lips and tongue over the tip and warmly greeted the bead of warmth that met his lips. He moaned softly as he dove down the orc's impressive length, feeling him shiver in response to the warmth encircling the flesh, a readying pulse in the flesh made the pandaren more eager and ravenous on the skin as he slid to the end, letting the back of his throat vibrate against it. He felt Torrg's fingers grip firmly against his rump and he moaned, anticipating having it filled, he gripped Torrg's balls, spreading the saliva dripping from his mouth down over it, his pull backs sounding in a loud series of wet slurps. He lifted his head up and moaned loudly as he felt Torrg's tongue move from his balls up toward his hole and he shivered, leaning a bit heavier on the orc as he returned to his shaft, his claws barely scratching into his skin as he felt every muscle he could reach, rounding his rump with a grab and moving up to his thighs as he kissed the shaman's orbs, holding him deep in his throat. His hands squeezed on Torrg's thighs, feeling the solid muscle that held him up he felt the sudden rush impending on his cock.

“Nnhhh so close...” He said barely at a whisper as his body shook, he felt Torrg retract his finger which had suck into his backside quite deeply by this point and his weight shift.

“Here, let's loosen you up a bit.” He whispered back, sitting up as he moved Haohan off of him and stood up. Taking the pandaren's paw he brought him to his feet and gestured him to the wall near the cave's mouth. Crouching down, Torrg made a few passes along the hole he had been working on with his tongue, letting it glide along the back of Haohan's sack before returning it fully to the small area above his tailbone. He chuckled as the tail brushed his nose. “Hmm tickles.” He said, standing up behind the monk who coyly offered himself to the shaman.

“Now let's see if we can have some fun here.” He said as he reached down and pressed his fingers into the warm pandaren's ass, giving a comforting groan as he watched the monk wriggle in anticipation and moan himself as Torrg lined himself up. He brought his hand back and spit in his palm before stroking himself, lubricating where the bear's spit had already dried. It didn't take long for Torrg to get his bearings and press himself into the monk.

Haohan let out a soft, pleading cry of pleasure as the smooth skin penetrated him, the bristling of his butt fur tickling the both of them as Torrg reached up a small bit and placed his hand on his companion's shoulder. Haohan bent lower, almost like giving himself a form to climb on. Torrg grunted fiercely as he hilted himself in completely, Haohan was very tight, likely far out of practice, but that didn't deter him from enjoying the tight accommodations. Torrg extracted himself almost completely then with more thrust pushed back into him, his bare hips making a dull slap against Haohan's butt as the shaman's other arm wrapped as much around the monk's gut as he could.

Haohan made off a soft chuckle, interrupted a bit by the slap of the orc's body striking him. “Mmm h-how long have you... been a chubby chaser... Torrg?” He grunted in between his breaths.

“Hmmmrrr...” Torrg purred in Haohan's ear, his warm breath making it twitch. “About as long as you've learned to take a cock...” He grunted and pulled back. “And this isn't going to last long...” Haohan could feel a wetness draining down his thighs through the fur, Torrg was ready to explode and nothing was holding it back.

The pair continued on for several minutes, each deep impact making Haohan moan and clench his backside tighter, Torrg's grip focused on his hips to drive him harder and the warmth building up under the bear's stubby tail was overwhelming, it was to the point where his own cock would bounce up, wetly slap precum against his belly, then droop with every thrust, he resisted bringing his hand to it anything would set it off at this point, as it was it was sounding like cave drips on the floor under him though the cave had been dead for possibly hundreds of years. He simply leaned against the wall and felt himself feeling full and empty and the orc's musky odor rising behind him.

“Now that you're good, I think it's time to f-finish this...” Torrg said.

“And I want to see your expression when you unload, my friend. Come here.” He said pulling himself apart from the orc and stepping back toward the fire. He seated himself on the stone floor, the sound of wetness sloshing made him blush and Torrg smirk. “I told you, I'm trained to be quite flexible despite my girth.”

“Indeed?” Torrg answered, brushing his fingers along his beard as Haohan laid back and brought his legs up a bit.

Haohan grinned a bit. “A little help here?” He asked.

Torrg wasted no time, the white substance pouring down his shaft was accumulating on his balls and dripping to the floor, it seemed Haohan had waited to the perfect moment. Torrg's weight shifted Haohan's legs back and he rested his shins on the shaman's shoulders, he could feel the head press against him and slowly work its way in, as Torrg settled back he pulled Haohan's legs apart a bit pressing himself completely inside. Haohan winced again at the shaman's girth but enjoyed every inch as it was reintroduced. Torrg took Haohan's legs and wrapped them under his arms as he returned to his motions. Deeper and deeper until the pair were almost one body, Haohan tried his hardest to keep his muscles contracting he wanted now to just push the orc over the edge and finally, he got it.

Torrg's nails dug into the thick fur of Haohan's hips, he let out a bellowing roar and shook violently, unleashing his torrent into the bar. Haohan felt the flood wash through him and spill for a brief second before Torrg's body cut off its escape. The monk dug his own claws against the stone floor of the cave, leaving trails of scratches and he moaned, letting out a shorter, more inner roar before his upper torso bucked up and he let loose his own seed. The first two blasts of white streaked across Haohan's muzzle in a messy splatter before receeding to his chest and down his sides. Torrg humped into him dryly several times, wringing out every drop before, finally gratified, letting Haohan's legs fall to the ground and pulling him up into a passionate kiss. Broken only by another flash of lighting from outside that made them both laugh.

The following morning, the storm had abated and the sun was again shining through the wet leaves of the Jade Forest. The traveling companions both dressed and left the cave to travel the remaining two or three miles to the border of the valley. Half a day's travel from there, they arrived at Half Hill Market where Nog'ran ran up to meet them.

“Well there you two are! I was starting to wonder what happened to you guys.”

Torrg and Haohan looked at one another. “How did you beat us here?” Torrg asked. “That storm had us pinned down in a cave through the night.”

“Among other things.” Haohan said under his breath, receiving a brief albeit playful slap to his stomach from the orc.

“Well, the storm was to the south of the monastery.” Nog'ran replied. There were clear skies to the north, hey Torrg, have you ever ridden a kite before?”

Torrg laughed. “Well I can't say I have.”

“You really must try it!”

“I will.” Torrg said turning to see that Haohan had vanished from beside him.

“Hey! Where'd Haohan go?” Nog asked, looking around.

“Maybe he went into the Inn?” Torrg suggested.

“I'll get him!” Nog said, scrambling up the stairs and entering the building.

At that moment, there was a gust of wind that made Torrg look back toward the Jade Forest's direction, and there near the edge of the town was the monk, walking away. As the wind brushed past him, his fur flapped and he turned back toward Torrg. He smiled and tipped his hat toward the shaman; a subtle “Thank you” for the night before. Torrg smiled back and nodded his head in response.

“He wasn't in there.” Nog said, startling Torrg for a moment who chuckled and rubbed his head.

“I think he's gone home.” He said, looking up to see a tiny shadow of the pandaren walking toward the eastern horizon.

“Will we see him again?” Nog'ran asked.

Torrg nodded surely. “I guarantee it.”