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A Need for Change (tame) - Wowrotica [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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A Need for Change (tame) [May. 31st, 2012|10:13 am]


So I want this to kind of be a group participation, no real voting just give me any ideas you want and I'll make a sequel to this short tale using my favorite idea. Basically the concept of this is, Aden, my priest had spent years buried deep inside a shell after being nearly killed drove him into introversion and seclusion. His guild, the Earthspear helped him make long strides into trusting others again and opening up a little more. But I wanted to do something for him to help him signify that he's reached that point, what could it be? A piercing? A tattoo? A dye to his fur? Or some significant change to his physical form? Basically the goal of it here is to make suggestions and what I'll do is have him meet your persona in the next chapter and through some means accomplish this change. Any suggestions on the story progression might be taken in too, let me know what you want! Sound good? Here's the story I've concocted for it.

Aden sighed softly as he laid on the cool grass just under the bustling bluff, his fingers to the sky blotting out singular stars as he trailed them, making imaginary constellations in the sky. He rested with one hoof on his knee, the other tapping lightly against the ground as he hummed to himself, closing his eyes every so often to listen to his own voice reverberate along the close walls. He was a natural singer, there was a time where he could make people fall into their seats from the power of his voice; but those days were long ago and the best he could really muster at the moment was singing to himself. A cool breath of wind washed over Aden's snout and the priest received a familiar scent, which had him bolt upright quickly.

The orc stood maybe ten yards away, a small barrel barely visible under his arm and a smirk across his face. The wind barely pushed his long dark purple hair as he met Aden's eye. "You know, you've got a fantastic voice, Aden." Torrg Rockmaul spoke, resulting in a heated sensation on the priest's cheeks. "You shouldn't have to hide to express yourself, you should do it openly out where everyone can see."

"It's been a while." Aden answered sitting upright and placing his palms on his propped knees. "Ten years is it?"

"Closer to fifteen. It's good to see you again Aden." He said. "I do trust I can step a little closer this time, right?"

Aden smiled a bit, then winced remembering their last encounter. "Yes, you can Torrg. Hopefully your wounds have healed by now."

"I still have trouble walking long distances without getting that twinge in my knee." Torrg admitted as he walked toward the bull, who smiled a bit and patted the ground beside him.

"Let me see if I can try to clear that a little."

"You can't cure aging, old friend." Torrg chuckled before sitting down, not really fighting as his leg was tugged into the priest's lap. He shivered as he felt Aden's fingers slide along his pantleg, pulling it up to reveal the green skin and a golden light shocking along his flesh, going deep down to the bone. "It has been a while since a Shu'halo has touched my bare flesh."

"Really?" Aden asked raising an eyebrow. "You're losing your touch with age then, Torrg. Though it's been a while since I've touched an orc's flesh so we're about even." There was a moment of silence as Aden's fingers curled under the orc's knee, finding the scar in the back of it and sending memories flooding back. "I had heard about Thorne shortly after my return." He said softly. "I'm sorry."

Torrg shook his head. "Don't be." He said. "We both have things in the past we must move past in order to look ahead. Thorne's death hurt me for a long time, just as what happened to you, but I've learned how to work it out as I can."

"And... hello." Aden said with a smirk as his hands moved up and felt something before pulling the orc's legging back down. "I suppose I still have that touch after all."

Torrg smirked. "I'm just as spry as a man half my age."

"We'll have to put that to the test sometime."

"Ballsy bullsy." Torrg teased before returning to his better seating position "It is good to see you again, Aden but what brings you down here?"

Aden shrugged. "It's a good place to come and think sometimes." He said. "I did a lot of meditating down here, almost no one walks past the bluff in this direction. It's helped me unwind a little bit." He turned to look at the barrel that was sitting next to the orc. "And what's that?" He asked, nodding toward it, sniffing another familiar scent out of the air.

"Oh this?" Torrg asked, patting the top of the barrel. "Just a barrel of firewater. Would you care for some?" Aden knew at this point, Torrg was teasing, they both had often indulged in Mulgore Firewater so it was a silly question to ask. Torrg offered him a small flask, filling it with the brownish clear liquid as he did so. Aden threw it back and let the burn slide down his throat, he emitted a sigh and Torrg did the similar following it with a belch, both of them laughed at the echoing rumble from the orc. Their friendship hadn't wavered a bit after all. "So what brings you down to the base of the bluff this evening?" Torrg asked after a few generous swigs of the drink.

Aden shrugged. "I am not really sure." He said. "When I came back I was still so full of anger and fear toward everyone not Shu'halo, it took some good friends a considerable effort to quell that anger, but I don't feel like I've really completed my change... I want to do something... feel something to drag me out of my misery, something that tells me and maybe those around me that I've changed that I'm better, stronger somehow." He looked Torrg over, noticing the piercings in his ears, the tattoos on his chest and hands and arm, he sighed wistfully. "How is it you can say so much with such unnatural changes, Torrg? What inspired you to have ink done or your ears pierced?"

Torrg had withdrawn a pipe by the time he answered, put it to his lips and flicked a match to light it. "I was a lot younger of an orc." He said, taking a slow drag and letting the smoke drift slowly into the air over his head before handing the pipe to Aden who took a puff as well. "But I don't regret it, it's helped to define me."

"That's it then." Aden said.

"What's it?"

"I'm not sure what it is, what will inspire me, but that's what I'll do. I'll do... something to be remembered, something to make me the bull I've become."

Torrg nodded and smirked. "Have you decided on anything?"

Aden's expression clenched a bit. "Are you joking? I'm surprised I even got that far..."