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Artist Requested (Might be offtopic) - Wowrotica [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Artist Requested (Might be offtopic) [May. 25th, 2012|12:04 pm]


Hey guys and gals,

You might or might not know about a comic strip I'd started a while back which I put up the first strip in February followed by a short story to make up for a hiatus. Unfortunately the artist I had Kosiaks has mysteriously vanished into thin air, probably into school work and life etc, but after such a long hiatus I figured I would try to keep going with it until his return. However my artistic skills are still not as good as I'd hoped for something like this, so I wanted to ask would anyone be interested in working on a comic?

http://orcandtroll.tumblr.com is the comic page. It's a WoW based comic strip centered around a troll druid named Vash and an orc hunter named Mo'gar who are a couple in Azeroth. The strip itself would be a mixture of story arcs with in-jokes and short gag strips about the world around them. Nothing XXX rated for the main strip, it would be mature though, some nudity, violence, all that good stuff. Anything more I'd have to restrict to just... fun or fan stuff :)

Anyway if anyone's interested check out the strip and send an email to the address orcandtroll@gmail.com with any samples or a website link, I want to relaunch this strip off the ground again! C'mon! :)