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Blogspot Updates [Nov. 10th, 2011|12:43 pm]


[mood |awake]

LONG Time no Posty but I figured I should slap this out here for fun. To those of you who don't remember or do and haven't been watching (shame on you) I have a blogspot page of my World of Warcraft characters as drawn by other artists and occasionally me, some musings and whatnot and especially since I'm in the WoW Art Exchange group on here. I've been updating over the last few months mostly with exchanges and a art/story exchange deal I've got going on with AMEX91 on Deviant Art whose artwork humbles my story writing skills ;)

Here's the link for you guys to enjoy! I'm cross-posting this to the appropriate groups if I've mislabeled or miscredited a piece please let me know! And many arts here are NSFW so shields up: http://rockmaul.blogspot.com